Friday, December 14, 2012

welcome everyone to a new project

[your host]
hey everybody, lets get serious for a sec. We all know about Sealife and all the foundations that help the oceans and marine life . Well I Azariah,  will start a 101 day project called project SEA Z. and to kick it off I will start by giving you true facts about the sea so come everyday. Heck make this a bookmark on that stupid computer or tablet of yours!!!

Here's a topic today dun dun dun Starfishes! remember Patrick. well he is a starfish. and he is dumb he is my favorite character on spongebob when I get an Aquarium I will get a starfish my favorite is a chocolate chip starfish. when I was little I did an impression of Patrick and the phone employee scene.''is dis da cwusty kab dis is patick!''

this is my whipped cream aquarium.

Did you know that starfishes are really slow and they have one eye or sensor on each point. This sentance was brought to you by so enjoy spongebob and Tom kenny for many generations.

so a starfish walks into a bar and went to the bartender and says to him I want a job.sorry sir this isn't a sushi bar. That's down the street. ''Ok said the starfish I would like to speak to a crab''.
''What? said the bartender confused.    Ugh let me talk to Spongebob said the star annoyed.

Where are u from said the bartender nickelodeon ?   ''No the Red lobster Boycot orginization''.    
And if red Lobster hears this This is only a joke some people Like red lobster I don't blame them. All  is good.   and so ends one new episode come back tomorrow. go to www.zee's still. see ya!!!                

Friday, October 19, 2012

well here's some news

greetings people who anticipate my posts but never respond. I don't mean you grandma .thank you long viewers. Today is a sad time I am moving to lubboc.  well i am almost done with my island and I enjoy being a kid well guys i'm just not going to make a big blog today see ya love ya- zee

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

i am concious again

well here is the news, i nearended i was tramatized and very frightended so finnaly i am back. check out my agent f picture.Here is the inside story and this is my blog so over here i am going to say the m word monon. this dimwit was driving right behind us and i got my braces and we were going to eat lunch anywho  i have to go to the chiropractor tell ya more later yaaaaaaan. gnight.

Friday, September 21, 2012

updatey thingy

supervillian  island is almost complete jeff kinney You rock!!! if you do not know him, please look it up. right now I am in lubbock in bubbies kitchen. the baby came and was amazed now I have an tres amigo. I am missing him,but I will return sunday I am not working on my novel right now,I got to do one thing at a time. I am working on microscopic frontier. This week I have played little big planet with my aunt Laurie. and the girls are sleeping over here and this week, I think  on monday we went to krispy kreme to talk like a pirate day,I am glad my braces can eat that. I wore a yellow spongebob bandanna. and here is a shout out to a stop motion artist;Hey haqq when are you making that Q and A video. well anyway I said to the lady: ''aargh lassie, give me your bloomin booty''. And she gave me a pack of donughts!!!??? but Laurie told me that If I wore something pirate like I could get a dozen doughnuts,so I practicly fed my grandma and my sis. I had a  great week in lubbock and the baby boy came we are planning his Briss the theme;woodland. And for lunch I went to Allistars there kid spud is amazing I did a mitzva by giving an employee an extra tip. This subject is making me hungry already well shabbat is here.

Guess what, I went to savers and bought a jacket, It makes me look like a detective, also grandma I wore the poptropica shirt you gave me sorry for not emailing I didn't get any time to play my computer and Holly  loved little bite.This week my blog is brought to you by Mc.Allistars and Applebee's go to and also
no sight of a new adventure time episode.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

micro sneak peak

here I am with dr. hare wow i am excited. this is when I infiltrated his lair and I beat a record a world record [not really ]  but i beat a record a I made a screenshot with me and doctor hare and leelee I want a dr hare costume so I can be a hare

well here is a sneak peek of microscopic frontier hope you enjoy I am so exited and I am going to mail this to jeff kinney and it will be very detailed.  if you want to see what I am talking about go to; or that http/ stuff. but here is one question you can put below in the comment section if you went to poptropica;what island would you create? oh and grandma remember that poptropica membership and that shirt you gave me I loved the shirt. I stll wear it,in fact I am wearing while I play poptropica and right now while I am typing so thanks grandma don't forget to comment!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

baby brother

Oh my goodness tuesday was disapointing and today the baby is supposed to come and I made a song called baby owl prince from [out of zees closet] . Today is the due date!

I am so excited. now I get to have a brother but he has been kicking I call him mr wiggles, also I got a new computer and a skylander baby. so much excitment!!!

 See you guys tomorrow for more news.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

k now what day was it

well as u know I am an adventure time fan and some people think it is weird or absurd or just plain stupid but here is how i think of it,adventure time is some show of how a kid and his dog go on cool adventures.It is just to make you wonder or laugh or ROTF.My life is like a hamster wheel so now that I don't have anything to do I can finnaly get this blog running here is an adventure time picture I made.and for potropica lunar colony is open and I can't wait for it .Yesterday it rained and I saw a double rainbow because it was raining and the sun was out I was so thrilled!!!

And today I am planning to make an island on poptropica called microscopic frontier If anybody works on Poptropica, tell Jeff Kinney that I will be comming and mailing him and i got my braces and brush them often.deckard family a new member will be comming soon.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

z z z z oh i'm back

oh right,now i will be updating every day starting now. well i am at my house and well we went to the lake house and  then we went to the science spectrum, spent a couple more weeks then I went back. but i didn't enjoy it no details. now and now I am spending my time in amarillo. to every person who listens i am home schooling. now I know that I have not been blogging I will be doing lots of blogs so what season is this oh yeah season Z this is the official  season premire starting tomorrow so exited my dad's birthday is this week so long

Sunday, July 8, 2012

summer!!!! Part 1

well me again here is how my summer far.......After that incredible movie, we went to lauries house, I watched Phineas and Ferb. We were going to the lake and we listened kids place live. We finnaly got to the lake, It was dark but very humid we packed everything into the lake house.  In the morning we got to go explore  I was so exited I went with pop and ethan It was so much fun!!!!

 We got to go on the lake and I caught my first fish Yay!!!!! [But bubbie I meant my first fish at the lake] I was so proud of myself. Then we explored the beach. the lake is drying up so the beach used to be a lake we saw some crappie and gar. It was creepy. The second day we went on Cariline again but this time with Blake I was so exited once again.Then I showed zippy [my sister] school of rock starring Jack Black.The next day, we had some fun then we were packing up to go back.

When we got back we saw Journey 2 the mysterious island.In the morning we had a suprise, we got to go to the science spectrum It was loads of fun I got to see an omnimax movie called the last reef It was a reef unden Bikini ha ha ha! but seareously, It was sad that is why I say stop being a load of filth and save the reefs. We need them because fish are loved in the hearts of children and men God bless reefs.Then we went to the exhibits I had lots of fun making my air plane thank you sir who helped me.

Then we had a bit of trouble you see it got stuck on the third floor when me and Eathan were testing it. when we went back to the house....I said goodbye to Blake and Eathan. Blake got a levatating thingy. Eathan got nutans cradle. I went to lauries that evening to play little big planet that game is Addicting I want to get that game but I don't have a Ps3 I love that game also this blog is brought to you by jim Noir My Patch. Then we went to sleep. then I spent couple more days at bubbie's house then we went to sara's school called ''story  hour''. I am quite a salesman because I convinced Zippy and Sara to get a unicorn thingy and I get a moustace guy. Sophie got her thooth pulled we were glad that she was brave. Bubbie tell zippy We miss her! and Grandma I miss you too And I miss the haneys and i miss my whole family. I will write more about my summer. Love comments and I will show all my pictures from my summer. Ps i got a new website.

Friday, June 22, 2012

aim, fire at zee's adventure's!!!!!

guess what movie I am going to ........ Well it is Scottish Abba. And it is when a girl wants to change her faith.well, I can not wait.Today I am going to brave,  a disney pixar movie. this blog is brought to you by the corries.  so abba and the whole family happy june. My parody is awesome so happy fiday

Sunday, May 27, 2012

stuff but still crazy about lego

Thank you grandma for the gift I loved it I am still crazy about lego sorry for not blogging or emailing in a while. I am really exited I can not stop making stop motion videos I will keep putting them on videos on facebook. I am waiting to be 13 so I can have a youtube account. I will make a whole lego village well enjoy my live lego tribute part 1. I love stop motion and comment I still need viewers.comment!!!!! I know this is a short blog but who cares.

Friday, May 18, 2012


Here is the news, today I am sick and I posted on facebook two Lego videos. I had great succes at dallas. I  went on two field trips the Ag fair and  Palo duro canyon. I was really giddy until today. Yesterday, there was a big fat fist fight comment more if you want to get a highlight on that. And I took a picture with keeven and had a sleepover with him.I am going to have a birthday. I am so sorry for not blogging sooner.
by the way my new favorite stop motion dude is Haqq17 yay for him.

Monday, April 16, 2012

zz here again!!! more news.

great !! I luckily had a chance to go to the computer again. Oh also I got my photo taken by the alien defense unit year book. I caught four big aliens that gave me their translators. Here is what they said;''we will steal the lego humans brain power, but first we must take out the guards!'' This is very uncovering and today is the 100th
anneveversery or remembering of the sinking of the lego Titanic, so lego viewers sit back and watch either Lego Star Wars or Lego Indiana Jones. Zee found out I was alive and made a file for me and this very picture of my year book was given to him. There is trouble in the Lego Spongebob house; Gary ate Spongebob's  jewel from undergroud lego mine. So  Gary was taken to the doctor. I will update on this news story.Speaking of snails, I built one and it grew nine inches. nine!!!!!! I can not believe  that it grew that long! In Lego Ninjago, lord Garmadon is no where to be seen, and over five thousand police officers searched but found only goo and gross forks. We are looking forward to a Lego holiday but today is cow farming day.The holiday where Lego farmers get paid millions for selling and milking cows. But today I did not just interview any farmer, I got a farmer with a golden cow. Here is what he said;''my cows are fine but my gold one, I found her as a calf and gave her a butter milk  bath.'' At the scene of the international spy museum we have seen a convention. Woah, wait, pause! I am sounding like a news reporter. Oh, that's right I went to Lego news channel ten and got an interview from the chief. So if I get tons of page views and comments I might have a shot, so Please comment I need it. Now where was I ? oh yeah. The spy museum has a school and if you sign on you might deafeat dr. Inferno. A giant cowboy was spotted down town at brickatopia. Studies show that this cowboy is no harm.What's this? Oh yeah right. I am supposed to have a advertisement. Ok. Eat at Pacific rim in Amarillo,  it has the best food there and also eat at seven's bar and grill. That is  all the time we have here. see you next time and please comment. and you will get more blogs. And this blog has one lego contest. If you answer this contest you will be in the blog and get a picture of the golden cow. It might even be mailed to your house. sincerely, ZZ.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sssssssshhhhhh be quiet, very very quiet.

hello here I know you want zee to make a blog I am a real live Lego. My name is z z not zee, z z. I am age 11 and zee does not I am alive, But I am posting a secret blog. For legos we have drivers
license at age 9  and I work for the alien force.If the lego factory or anybody from lego is reading this, you did a great job making me. zee has done a great job taking care of my sweet rides and my favorite show is lego Ninjago,and good morning lego America. My
friends are really nice even though my friend is an alien he is really funny.Me and zee have two things in common; we both love chicken and we both love science fantasy or fiction. And I was listening to zee and he loves the following;  Grandma,Bubie or grandma,his mom and dad and me a cute and smart lego and anytime you want to check out my place I have a BIG BIG place. By the way, if you can tell more people about me please do!!!! I will do more glamorous and stunning blogs. see ya!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

hey ho i am back

its zee here with your latest news flash; batman saves lost cat but deafeats cat woman, I happen to finish ''Staar  a stat test of accademic readiness.'' I have been playing my favorite game of poptropica and I want to thank the big man who did it all; Jeff kinney.'' I would also need to thank the man who created angry birds. but most importantly we are here to talk about a performance I am playing at.Have you heard of the Muppets? Their joyfulness is losing power that is why I am making a new era in muppet history. Just because one movie came out in 2011 dosn't mean people will like and remember them.  That is why I have made a new group of puppets a star.  True we won't sky rocket but we will go together and leae together.  I will make a poster so here is another newsflash; a 1000 year old woman flys with her bare hands while knitting. there are more blogs to come. sincerely zee