Tuesday, January 29, 2013


well i will make a speech and share it on google hangout everybody is invited i love all my fans and i will make a big debate but i wish GOOGLE would hear my speech they would never hear my speech but i am glad they gave me a birthday present.i got to go to amarillo and see bunny and keeven. it made me happy to see my girlfriend Elisa.I named my fish charlie. and have fed him. I wish i got a ps vita but instead i got a TABLET yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!   well i miss all my friends family and buddies i want to run a buisnuess and write a book or an autobiography.Poptropica hasn't been busy lately.And yesterday we found a cat, my sister named him Zee.awwww.I competed in the Mario/Sonic olympics 2012 wii

everybody come to my speech about the presidents again i wish one of my fans could contact google that would make my heart Soo happy. oh well. at least i am back to blogging. see ya zee.

Friday, January 25, 2013

well today is mah birthday

I  really can't handle this pressure so i will cancel sea Z but i keep blogging here is a surprise 4 tomorrow.

sea ya by the way i will organize on my google+

Friday, December 14, 2012

welcome everyone to a new project

[your host]
hey everybody, lets get serious for a sec. We all know about Sealife and all the foundations that help the oceans and marine life . Well I Azariah,  will start a 101 day project called project SEA Z. and to kick it off I will start by giving you true facts about the sea so come everyday. Heck make this a bookmark on that stupid computer or tablet of yours!!!

Here's a topic today dun dun dun Starfishes! remember Patrick. well he is a starfish. and he is dumb he is my favorite character on spongebob when I get an Aquarium I will get a starfish my favorite is a chocolate chip starfish. when I was little I did an impression of Patrick and the phone employee scene.''is dis da cwusty kab ...no dis is patick!''

this is my whipped cream aquarium.

Did you know that starfishes are really slow and they have one eye or sensor on each point. This sentance was brought to you by www.Nick.com so enjoy spongebob and Tom kenny for many generations.

so a starfish walks into a bar and went to the bartender and says to him I want a job.sorry sir this isn't a sushi bar. That's down the street. ''Ok said the starfish I would like to speak to a crab''.
''What? said the bartender confused.    Ugh let me talk to Spongebob said the star annoyed.

Where are u from said the bartender nickelodeon ?   ''No the Red lobster Boycot orginization''.    
And if red Lobster hears this This is only a joke some people Like red lobster I don't blame them. All  is good.   and so ends one new episode come back tomorrow. go to www.zee's adventures.blogspot.com still. see ya!!!                

Friday, October 19, 2012

well here's some news

greetings people who anticipate my posts but never respond. I don't mean you grandma .thank you long viewers. Today is a sad time I am moving to lubboc.  well i am almost done with my island and I enjoy being a kid well guys i'm just not going to make a big blog today see ya love ya- zee

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

i am concious again

well here is the news, i nearended i was tramatized and very frightended so finnaly i am back. check out my agent f picture.Here is the inside story and this is my blog so over here i am going to say the m word monon. this dimwit was driving right behind us and i got my braces and we were going to eat lunch anywho  i have to go to the chiropractor tell ya more later yaaaaaaan. gnight.

Friday, September 21, 2012

updatey thingy

supervillian  island is almost complete jeff kinney You rock!!! if you do not know him, please look it up. right now I am in lubbock in bubbies kitchen. the baby came and was amazed now I have an tres amigo. I am missing him,but I will return sunday I am not working on my novel right now,I got to do one thing at a time. I am working on microscopic frontier. This week I have played little big planet with my aunt Laurie. and the girls are sleeping over here and this week, I think  on monday we went to krispy kreme to talk like a pirate day,I am glad my braces can eat that. I wore a yellow spongebob bandanna. and here is a shout out to a stop motion artist;Hey haqq when are you making that Q and A video. well anyway I said to the lady: ''aargh lassie, give me your bloomin booty''. And she gave me a pack of donughts!!!??? but Laurie told me that If I wore something pirate like I could get a dozen doughnuts,so I practicly fed my grandma and my sis. I had a  great week in lubbock and the baby boy came we are planning his Briss the theme;woodland. And for lunch I went to Allistars there kid spud is amazing I did a mitzva by giving an employee an extra tip. This subject is making me hungry already well shabbat is here.

Guess what, I went to savers and bought a jacket, It makes me look like a detective, also grandma I wore the poptropica shirt you gave me sorry for not emailing I didn't get any time to play my computer and Holly  loved little bite.This week my blog is brought to you by Mc.Allistars and Applebee's go to www.applebees.com and also www.mc.allistars.com
no sight of a new adventure time episode.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

micro sneak peak

here I am with dr. hare wow i am excited. this is when I infiltrated his lair and I beat a record a world record [not really ]  but i beat a record a I made a screenshot with me and doctor hare and leelee I want a dr hare costume so I can be a hare

well here is a sneak peek of microscopic frontier hope you enjoy I am so exited and I am going to mail this to jeff kinney and it will be very detailed.  if you want to see what I am talking about go to; www.poptropica.com or that http/ stuff. but here is one question you can put below in the comment section if you went to poptropica;what island would you create? oh and grandma remember that poptropica membership and that shirt you gave me I loved the shirt. I stll wear it,in fact I am wearing while I play poptropica and right now while I am typing so thanks grandma don't forget to comment!!!!!!!!!!!