Sunday, July 8, 2012

summer!!!! Part 1

well me again here is how my summer far.......After that incredible movie, we went to lauries house, I watched Phineas and Ferb. We were going to the lake and we listened kids place live. We finnaly got to the lake, It was dark but very humid we packed everything into the lake house.  In the morning we got to go explore  I was so exited I went with pop and ethan It was so much fun!!!!

 We got to go on the lake and I caught my first fish Yay!!!!! [But bubbie I meant my first fish at the lake] I was so proud of myself. Then we explored the beach. the lake is drying up so the beach used to be a lake we saw some crappie and gar. It was creepy. The second day we went on Cariline again but this time with Blake I was so exited once again.Then I showed zippy [my sister] school of rock starring Jack Black.The next day, we had some fun then we were packing up to go back.

When we got back we saw Journey 2 the mysterious island.In the morning we had a suprise, we got to go to the science spectrum It was loads of fun I got to see an omnimax movie called the last reef It was a reef unden Bikini ha ha ha! but seareously, It was sad that is why I say stop being a load of filth and save the reefs. We need them because fish are loved in the hearts of children and men God bless reefs.Then we went to the exhibits I had lots of fun making my air plane thank you sir who helped me.

Then we had a bit of trouble you see it got stuck on the third floor when me and Eathan were testing it. when we went back to the house....I said goodbye to Blake and Eathan. Blake got a levatating thingy. Eathan got nutans cradle. I went to lauries that evening to play little big planet that game is Addicting I want to get that game but I don't have a Ps3 I love that game also this blog is brought to you by jim Noir My Patch. Then we went to sleep. then I spent couple more days at bubbie's house then we went to sara's school called ''story  hour''. I am quite a salesman because I convinced Zippy and Sara to get a unicorn thingy and I get a moustace guy. Sophie got her thooth pulled we were glad that she was brave. Bubbie tell zippy We miss her! and Grandma I miss you too And I miss the haneys and i miss my whole family. I will write more about my summer. Love comments and I will show all my pictures from my summer. Ps i got a new website.