Friday, May 27, 2011

my whole familys blog!

this is what i feel like if any family member hugs me.
I might have this theme for my birthday
BUBIE GRANDMA i can't wait to go to your house we will make two type of shirts one for camp grandma and one for camp bubie.
Thank you le lee for this game
This is the Villan that is trying to stop kung fu.P.S Lee Lee I can't wait to see kung fu panda with you
Damon is she your favorite character? well you or the Deckard/Welter family can comment.
Here's my very first award for A s and B s Awesome.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Damon remember when we played kung fu panda well hers a bad guy for the sequil.
Well I know how much you all wanted me to blog so here's some info;Damon LeeLee this side is for you.p.s sorry about the mixed up photos