Monday, April 16, 2012

zz here again!!! more news.

great !! I luckily had a chance to go to the computer again. Oh also I got my photo taken by the alien defense unit year book. I caught four big aliens that gave me their translators. Here is what they said;''we will steal the lego humans brain power, but first we must take out the guards!'' This is very uncovering and today is the 100th
anneveversery or remembering of the sinking of the lego Titanic, so lego viewers sit back and watch either Lego Star Wars or Lego Indiana Jones. Zee found out I was alive and made a file for me and this very picture of my year book was given to him. There is trouble in the Lego Spongebob house; Gary ate Spongebob's  jewel from undergroud lego mine. So  Gary was taken to the doctor. I will update on this news story.Speaking of snails, I built one and it grew nine inches. nine!!!!!! I can not believe  that it grew that long! In Lego Ninjago, lord Garmadon is no where to be seen, and over five thousand police officers searched but found only goo and gross forks. We are looking forward to a Lego holiday but today is cow farming day.The holiday where Lego farmers get paid millions for selling and milking cows. But today I did not just interview any farmer, I got a farmer with a golden cow. Here is what he said;''my cows are fine but my gold one, I found her as a calf and gave her a butter milk  bath.'' At the scene of the international spy museum we have seen a convention. Woah, wait, pause! I am sounding like a news reporter. Oh, that's right I went to Lego news channel ten and got an interview from the chief. So if I get tons of page views and comments I might have a shot, so Please comment I need it. Now where was I ? oh yeah. The spy museum has a school and if you sign on you might deafeat dr. Inferno. A giant cowboy was spotted down town at brickatopia. Studies show that this cowboy is no harm.What's this? Oh yeah right. I am supposed to have a advertisement. Ok. Eat at Pacific rim in Amarillo,  it has the best food there and also eat at seven's bar and grill. That is  all the time we have here. see you next time and please comment. and you will get more blogs. And this blog has one lego contest. If you answer this contest you will be in the blog and get a picture of the golden cow. It might even be mailed to your house. sincerely, ZZ.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sssssssshhhhhh be quiet, very very quiet.

hello here I know you want zee to make a blog I am a real live Lego. My name is z z not zee, z z. I am age 11 and zee does not I am alive, But I am posting a secret blog. For legos we have drivers
license at age 9  and I work for the alien force.If the lego factory or anybody from lego is reading this, you did a great job making me. zee has done a great job taking care of my sweet rides and my favorite show is lego Ninjago,and good morning lego America. My
friends are really nice even though my friend is an alien he is really funny.Me and zee have two things in common; we both love chicken and we both love science fantasy or fiction. And I was listening to zee and he loves the following;  Grandma,Bubie or grandma,his mom and dad and me a cute and smart lego and anytime you want to check out my place I have a BIG BIG place. By the way, if you can tell more people about me please do!!!! I will do more glamorous and stunning blogs. see ya!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

hey ho i am back

its zee here with your latest news flash; batman saves lost cat but deafeats cat woman, I happen to finish ''Staar  a stat test of accademic readiness.'' I have been playing my favorite game of poptropica and I want to thank the big man who did it all; Jeff kinney.'' I would also need to thank the man who created angry birds. but most importantly we are here to talk about a performance I am playing at.Have you heard of the Muppets? Their joyfulness is losing power that is why I am making a new era in muppet history. Just because one movie came out in 2011 dosn't mean people will like and remember them.  That is why I have made a new group of puppets a star.  True we won't sky rocket but we will go together and leae together.  I will make a poster so here is another newsflash; a 1000 year old woman flys with her bare hands while knitting. there are more blogs to come. sincerely zee