Friday, September 21, 2012

updatey thingy

supervillian  island is almost complete jeff kinney You rock!!! if you do not know him, please look it up. right now I am in lubbock in bubbies kitchen. the baby came and was amazed now I have an tres amigo. I am missing him,but I will return sunday I am not working on my novel right now,I got to do one thing at a time. I am working on microscopic frontier. This week I have played little big planet with my aunt Laurie. and the girls are sleeping over here and this week, I think  on monday we went to krispy kreme to talk like a pirate day,I am glad my braces can eat that. I wore a yellow spongebob bandanna. and here is a shout out to a stop motion artist;Hey haqq when are you making that Q and A video. well anyway I said to the lady: ''aargh lassie, give me your bloomin booty''. And she gave me a pack of donughts!!!??? but Laurie told me that If I wore something pirate like I could get a dozen doughnuts,so I practicly fed my grandma and my sis. I had a  great week in lubbock and the baby boy came we are planning his Briss the theme;woodland. And for lunch I went to Allistars there kid spud is amazing I did a mitzva by giving an employee an extra tip. This subject is making me hungry already well shabbat is here.

Guess what, I went to savers and bought a jacket, It makes me look like a detective, also grandma I wore the poptropica shirt you gave me sorry for not emailing I didn't get any time to play my computer and Holly  loved little bite.This week my blog is brought to you by Mc.Allistars and Applebee's go to and also
no sight of a new adventure time episode.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

micro sneak peak

here I am with dr. hare wow i am excited. this is when I infiltrated his lair and I beat a record a world record [not really ]  but i beat a record a I made a screenshot with me and doctor hare and leelee I want a dr hare costume so I can be a hare

well here is a sneak peek of microscopic frontier hope you enjoy I am so exited and I am going to mail this to jeff kinney and it will be very detailed.  if you want to see what I am talking about go to; or that http/ stuff. but here is one question you can put below in the comment section if you went to poptropica;what island would you create? oh and grandma remember that poptropica membership and that shirt you gave me I loved the shirt. I stll wear it,in fact I am wearing while I play poptropica and right now while I am typing so thanks grandma don't forget to comment!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

baby brother

Oh my goodness tuesday was disapointing and today the baby is supposed to come and I made a song called baby owl prince from [out of zees closet] . Today is the due date!

I am so excited. now I get to have a brother but he has been kicking I call him mr wiggles, also I got a new computer and a skylander baby. so much excitment!!!

 See you guys tomorrow for more news.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

k now what day was it

well as u know I am an adventure time fan and some people think it is weird or absurd or just plain stupid but here is how i think of it,adventure time is some show of how a kid and his dog go on cool adventures.It is just to make you wonder or laugh or ROTF.My life is like a hamster wheel so now that I don't have anything to do I can finnaly get this blog running here is an adventure time picture I made.and for potropica lunar colony is open and I can't wait for it .Yesterday it rained and I saw a double rainbow because it was raining and the sun was out I was so thrilled!!!

And today I am planning to make an island on poptropica called microscopic frontier If anybody works on Poptropica, tell Jeff Kinney that I will be comming and mailing him and i got my braces and brush them often.deckard family a new member will be comming soon.