Friday, December 14, 2012

welcome everyone to a new project

[your host]
hey everybody, lets get serious for a sec. We all know about Sealife and all the foundations that help the oceans and marine life . Well I Azariah,  will start a 101 day project called project SEA Z. and to kick it off I will start by giving you true facts about the sea so come everyday. Heck make this a bookmark on that stupid computer or tablet of yours!!!

Here's a topic today dun dun dun Starfishes! remember Patrick. well he is a starfish. and he is dumb he is my favorite character on spongebob when I get an Aquarium I will get a starfish my favorite is a chocolate chip starfish. when I was little I did an impression of Patrick and the phone employee scene.''is dis da cwusty kab dis is patick!''

this is my whipped cream aquarium.

Did you know that starfishes are really slow and they have one eye or sensor on each point. This sentance was brought to you by so enjoy spongebob and Tom kenny for many generations.

so a starfish walks into a bar and went to the bartender and says to him I want a job.sorry sir this isn't a sushi bar. That's down the street. ''Ok said the starfish I would like to speak to a crab''.
''What? said the bartender confused.    Ugh let me talk to Spongebob said the star annoyed.

Where are u from said the bartender nickelodeon ?   ''No the Red lobster Boycot orginization''.    
And if red Lobster hears this This is only a joke some people Like red lobster I don't blame them. All  is good.   and so ends one new episode come back tomorrow. go to www.zee's still. see ya!!!