Sunday, May 27, 2012

stuff but still crazy about lego

Thank you grandma for the gift I loved it I am still crazy about lego sorry for not blogging or emailing in a while. I am really exited I can not stop making stop motion videos I will keep putting them on videos on facebook. I am waiting to be 13 so I can have a youtube account. I will make a whole lego village well enjoy my live lego tribute part 1. I love stop motion and comment I still need viewers.comment!!!!! I know this is a short blog but who cares.

Friday, May 18, 2012


Here is the news, today I am sick and I posted on facebook two Lego videos. I had great succes at dallas. I  went on two field trips the Ag fair and  Palo duro canyon. I was really giddy until today. Yesterday, there was a big fat fist fight comment more if you want to get a highlight on that. And I took a picture with keeven and had a sleepover with him.I am going to have a birthday. I am so sorry for not blogging sooner.
by the way my new favorite stop motion dude is Haqq17 yay for him.