Friday, April 30, 2010

info about cartoonetwork

funny cat hope you survive very funny i got this off of images.NOW EVERYONE CAN COMENT. This is zee deckrd
I know I know Blake loves starwars so i put it up like it coment me
ben 10 is one of my favorite 3 videos
love videos. Want to know why i posed this up ? because i love monkeys but i also love ben 10.
this is a new but funny movie go to and tons of games too.

flapjack is a funny character he listens to very well to.

cartoonetwork is awesome the problem is Chowder dosen,t want to marry girl yet but someone does.

Friday, April 23, 2010

all the questions....answered

millions monkeys i can not tell as well because ... i have toy monkeys. silly monkeys. happy monkeys sad monkeys bad monkeys. don't tell me go ask a dad.

I like corn I like dessert I like cholent but best of all I like chicken I like McDonalds.

favorite monkey is Chocky

My Eema made us banana splits the other day because I have been working so hard on math. Each math minute we do is a part of a banana split, bowl, banana, one, two, three scoops of ice cream and a cherry on top. Eating the real thing is a lot more fun than doing the hard math in a timed race.

this is a two blogs in one story. my favorite food is fried chicken my my favorite snack is cholent

i have time traveled far far far far far away to a planet of dinos. well good bye and i will be posting on Fridays every Friday.

Monday, April 12, 2010


wow its so cool out here there are monkeys and animals . now we shell go to the jungle

now lets go inside shall we lets explore my lab

now I hope you keep coming and anyone in our family that has ideas for more blogs, let me know. I hope to blog more now that I can do it all by myself. Just like riding a bike without training wheels!

yummy tummy treats

we have some mnms. next we have a ester bunny with a clef lip.So that you could make a tasty treat ......... put in some cookies. hey do not stop seeing my blog