Wednesday, October 10, 2012

i am concious again

well here is the news, i nearended i was tramatized and very frightended so finnaly i am back. check out my agent f picture.Here is the inside story and this is my blog so over here i am going to say the m word monon. this dimwit was driving right behind us and i got my braces and we were going to eat lunch anywho  i have to go to the chiropractor tell ya more later yaaaaaaan. gnight.

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  1. My precious Zee. I was so sad to hear you were hit by a car. I hope everyone is ok. I will be praying for Abba my Heavenly Father to heal you. I hope you have forgiven the person who hit you. I'm sure he/she had a horrible day and didn't want to or mean to hit you. Your grandpa was so quick to forgive people because he was such a lover. He loved people. I know you love people too. I miss you very much. I am sending you a huge gentle hug. Here is a spare hug you can give to Zippy from me. Also a very tiny kiss for Zalman for me too. I'm sad I don't get to see you anymore but G-d will heal my broken heart. Love you very much. Gma