Tuesday, January 29, 2013


well i will make a speech and share it on google hangout everybody is invited i love all my fans and i will make a big debate but i wish GOOGLE would hear my speech they would never hear my speech but i am glad they gave me a birthday present.i got to go to amarillo and see bunny and keeven. it made me happy to see my girlfriend Elisa.I named my fish charlie. and have fed him. I wish i got a ps vita but instead i got a TABLET yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!   well i miss all my friends family and buddies i want to run a buisnuess and write a book or an autobiography.Poptropica hasn't been busy lately.And yesterday we found a cat, my sister named him Zee.awwww.I competed in the Mario/Sonic olympics 2012 wii

everybody come to my speech about the presidents again i wish one of my fans could contact google that would make my heart Soo happy. oh well. at least i am back to blogging. see ya zee.

Friday, January 25, 2013

well today is mah birthday

I  really can't handle this pressure so i will cancel sea Z but i keep blogging here is a surprise 4 tomorrow.

sea ya by the way i will organize on my google+