Friday, September 21, 2012

updatey thingy

supervillian  island is almost complete jeff kinney You rock!!! if you do not know him, please look it up. right now I am in lubbock in bubbies kitchen. the baby came and was amazed now I have an tres amigo. I am missing him,but I will return sunday I am not working on my novel right now,I got to do one thing at a time. I am working on microscopic frontier. This week I have played little big planet with my aunt Laurie. and the girls are sleeping over here and this week, I think  on monday we went to krispy kreme to talk like a pirate day,I am glad my braces can eat that. I wore a yellow spongebob bandanna. and here is a shout out to a stop motion artist;Hey haqq when are you making that Q and A video. well anyway I said to the lady: ''aargh lassie, give me your bloomin booty''. And she gave me a pack of donughts!!!??? but Laurie told me that If I wore something pirate like I could get a dozen doughnuts,so I practicly fed my grandma and my sis. I had a  great week in lubbock and the baby boy came we are planning his Briss the theme;woodland. And for lunch I went to Allistars there kid spud is amazing I did a mitzva by giving an employee an extra tip. This subject is making me hungry already well shabbat is here.

Guess what, I went to savers and bought a jacket, It makes me look like a detective, also grandma I wore the poptropica shirt you gave me sorry for not emailing I didn't get any time to play my computer and Holly  loved little bite.This week my blog is brought to you by Mc.Allistars and Applebee's go to and also
no sight of a new adventure time episode.

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