Saturday, September 15, 2012

micro sneak peak

here I am with dr. hare wow i am excited. this is when I infiltrated his lair and I beat a record a world record [not really ]  but i beat a record a I made a screenshot with me and doctor hare and leelee I want a dr hare costume so I can be a hare

well here is a sneak peek of microscopic frontier hope you enjoy I am so exited and I am going to mail this to jeff kinney and it will be very detailed.  if you want to see what I am talking about go to; or that http/ stuff. but here is one question you can put below in the comment section if you went to poptropica;what island would you create? oh and grandma remember that poptropica membership and that shirt you gave me I loved the shirt. I stll wear it,in fact I am wearing while I play poptropica and right now while I am typing so thanks grandma don't forget to comment!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. This is your Eema. I know I'm going to show up as Zee, but I didn't want to sign out and make you have to start all over again. I love you and love to see you write. Please keep working on your novel. I can't wait to see more. Never give up! I love you my Buddy!

  2. Zee. So nice to see you've been enjoying Poptropica. Your life should be one giant adventure! Mine has been one. It hasn't always been a fun adventure, but it has been an adventure. I'm very tired tonight as I've been working hard at my new job. I really want to finish the interior of my barn, but it's on hold.

    If I could make an island it would be like the one on the Swiss family Robinson. I love how they took a sailing ship that had wrecked on the surf and rocks and made different parts of a tree fortress. I love the idea of rope walkways and swings from one place to another. Oh yes, I'd have lots of booby traps to stop bad people from invading. I'd have monkeys and parrots and huge lizards everywhere. There would be pineapple trees, banana trees, coconut trees, and mangos and papayas. I'd go fishing on the beach for yummy fish and catch crabs and make them pets. How does that sound?

    So tell me about your baby brother? Have you smelled his tiny head and held his tiny hands?

    Miss you so much.